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Baltimore City Teen Court

Photo Credit: Chelle via Morguefile.com

The Baltimore City Teen Court program serves youth aged 11-17 and has been committed to reducing juvenile delinquency in Baltimore City since 1999. Over 1,100 juvenile offenders have completed the BCTC program since its inception and youth taking part in the program have completed over 15,000 hours of community service (Multiplying by the minimum wage, this constitutes more than $100k given back to the city of Baltimore).Both adult and youth volunteers from the local community are key to the continued success of the program. In total, adult volunteers (typically judges, lawyers, and law students) and the youth volunteers who make up Teen Court juries have contributed over 14,000 hours to BCTC.

Baltimore City Teen Court sessions are held every two weeks at the Eastside District Court. It runs all year, typically handling between 10 and 12 cases per session. BCTC is managed by the Citizenship Law Related Education Program. More information can be found about the organization and its other programs here.